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Margaret Schindel has written so many articles about all the aspects of metal clay that I can no longer keep track. Below is a link to one that will lead to all the others.

Online Retailers:

Classes, articles, videos, and other free information (intro to soldering)

Base Metal Clay Info/Sites: (Learn how to safely torch fire base metal clay)

Base Metal Clay Firing Info: This is a Facebook page detailing the process of making your own base metal clays.

Supplies and tools:

About firing stones in place

Basic/beginner jewelry making:

Inventory and Tracking software:
Jewelry Designer Manager
Craftmaker Pro ttp://
Bead Manager Pro

High shrinkage fine silver clays:
FYI (For Your Inspiration), 20%, Val Lewis
Metal Magic Silver Clay, 25%

About Kilns:
KilnFrog Blog

About the SC2 Kiln:

About Pricing goods for sale
Podcast -

About selling your work

2012 Clay shrinkage download

Google Open Document re: firing and Shrinking

Design, fabrication, and other jewelry making how-to's and tips:
How to use Prisma Color pencils on metal clay -
Tear away:
Info on Magic Gloss resin

Valuable technical tips
Foredom/Flex Shaft and attachments/burrs explanations and descriptions -!flexible-shaft-articles/kzsb4
Hans Meevis' traditional jewelry making tips -

About Soldering
Setting up a torch (Rio):
Setting up a torch (Nancy Hamilton):

Teacher's Corner

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